Tony Miller


Tony has over 30 years experience of environmental research and project implementation in the Middle East.

Following his first visit in 1979 to Iran, Tony has participated in over 50 expeditions and field surveys in the region.

Tony is the author of numerous academic papers & books on the habitats and plants of the Middle East, including the definitive Ethnoflora of The Soqotra Archipelago. He is also editor-in-chief of the Flora of Arabia.

Tony’s field studies have contributed to major planning and sustainable development initiatives including the delimitation of protected areas in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and the designation of the Socotra Archipelago World Heritage Site.

Current projects include the Important Plant Areas in the Arabian Peninsula, and the development of the Key Biodiversty Areas in Iraq program. Tony also provides planning and development input to AWPR and the Oman Botanic Garden.