Oman Mountain Project

The mountains of Oman are dramatic and beautiful. They are also in places extremely remote and inaccessible.

At first sight they seem an unpromising place to find plants however they are home to a surprisingly rich and varied flora. For example, over a third of Oman’s flora has been recorded from the the Western Hajar mountains including 14 Omani endemic species.

Oman’s Department of Economic Planning Affairs invited CMEP to survey 15 of Oman’s highest mountains as part of a multidisciplinary team. Most of these mountains had not been previously surveyed by botanists.

The project concentrated on the remoter mountains of the Eastern and Western Hajar range, including the isolated sumits of Jabal Qahwan and Jabal Kawr. As well as visiting Isolated Mountains in the Interior (sometimes referred to as the Isolated Hajar Mountains).


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