Socotra Botanic Garden

Developing conservation capacity on Socotra

CMEP is helping to build capacity at the small Socotra Botanic Garden in Hadibo. The garden is an important resource for local conservation, education and awareness programmes.

In 2007 SBG staff participated in horticultural training at RBGE, completing the Certificate in Practical Horticulture. This training is being continued at the SBG by CMEP staff. 

CMEP has provided the garden with equipment and materials needed for better plant maintenance and record keeping, as well as seeds of important endemic species collected on early RBGE expeditions to Socotra. Species such as the Critically Endangered Pelargonium insularis have now been returned to Socotra and are being grown at SBG.

Several new displays have been created at the garden including some which replicate natural habitat areas. A new succulent garden has been created, containing the majority of succulent plants found across the islands.

Plants are grown using local materials and recycled waste such as empty water bottles. 

Thanks to this partnership, SBG has grown into a globally significant collection of endemic and endangered Socotran species. SBG has also developed its involvement in several other Socotran conservation projects including the Homhil Soil Restoration Project.

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