Planning innovative projects across the Middle East

Successful projects begin with intelligent planning. CMEP’s unique knowledge helps to define and shape projects from the outset. We provide strategic, scientific, educational, horticultural and landscaping advice to a range of partners. The benefits of CMEP expertise are:

  • Sound rationale
  • Streamlined processes
  • Project relevance
  • Reduced cost & risk
  • Longevity & sustainability
  • Global significance
  • Impact


  • Masterplan consultation for landscape design
  • Biodiversity conservation strategies
  • Education strategies and course development
  • Environmental interpretation and exhibitions
  • Botanic Garden strategies and designs
  • Plant nursery design
  • Environmental project review

‘CMEP’s support was crucial for listing the Socotra Archipelago as a UNESCO natural World Heritage Site.’

Dr Paul Scholte, Technical Co-ordinator, Socotra World Heritage Site listing